Today, more than ever, citizens are looking for providers of services of general interest that take their social responsibility seriously. CEEP is determined to help providers of Services of General Interest in Europe demonstrate their own Corporate Social Responsibility and to actively promote them and their initiatives through the CEEP-CSR Label. The Label is a guarantee of responsible behaviour that reassures citizens, public authorities and other stakeholders about the behaviour and attitudes of the companies that they are dealing with.

About CEEP

The European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services and services of general interest (CEEP), was established in 1961 under the auspices of the European Commission and represents employers and enterprises providing SGIs.

Modern public services, or services of general interest (SGIs), serve the fundamental goals of the EU, supporting business, social and territorial cohesion, economic and social solidarity and a better quality of life for all citizens.

Along with BusinessEurope and ETUC, CEEP is one of the three European general cross industry social partners. CEEP is an actor in the European social dialogue, having a voice in the European bipartite – in negotiating with trade unions – and tripartite – with social partners and representatives of the EU institutions – social dialogue at the highest level.

CEEP, with its general secretariat in Brussels, represents the interests of its members before the European institutions.
We lobby on a regular basis the European Commission, as well as the European Council and the European Parliament, having an impact on any legislative proposal affecting services of general interest and their place in the Internal Market.

CEEP also carries out projects promoting the importance of modern public services in Europe. Whether supported by the European Commission or carried out independently, CEEP intends to bring a new light on services of general interest, their modernisation and their central role in citizens’ lives.

About Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an approach to sustainable development where enterprises integrate economic, social and environmental concerns into their values, culture, strategy and actions, going beyond legal obligations in a transparent way. It is voluntarily integrated into their relationships with all their stakeholders.

Customers, stakeholders and regulators increasingly demand that companies behave as responsible members of their communities – in their own industry, in their local and national community and as world citizens. Corporate Social Responsibility means adopting behaviours that benefit those communities and that also contribute towards the long term, sustainable success of the company.

7 Reasons to Apply

  1. Raise Corporate Image with a European label
    The CEEP-CSR Label is awarded at European level to enterprises employing best CSR practices. This is a truly European label managed by a European organisation which represents employers and enterprises providing public services and SGIs (CEEP). The Label was created in 2006 at European level with the co-funding of the European Commission.
  2. Reputation-building
    The CEEP-CSR Label allows organisations to showcase their achievements, enhancing their corporate image among local communities, stakeholders, customers and service users.
  3. Employee Motivation
    The CEEP-CSR Label celebrates the commitment and behaviour that have led to high CSR standards. This is also a great asset to attract and retain employees, demonstrating commitment to high values of social responsibility.
  4. Going Beyond the Provision of Services
    This label is the recognition of the quality of CSR activities. It shows that organisations go beyond the services they provide, giving importance to the relationships and actions with local communities, customers, staff and other stakeholders.
  5. Publicise Success
    Enterprises show that they provide more than “just” services. The CEEP-CSR Label” increases awareness among stakeholder audiences at European level.
  6. Peer Exchange
    Recipients of the CEEP-CSR Label exchange views and information with leaders of providers of services of general interest from across Europe and diverse field of activity.
  7. Assess and Measure CSR Activities
    Recipients of the CEEP-CSR Label can closely monitor, measure and therefore benchmark their CSR activities.

How to Apply

The first step to apply for the CEEP-CSR Label is to take an online test to assess the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in the field of CSR. This self-assessment tool is available, free of charge, to companies seeking to verify their compliance with CSR norms. The online self-assessment, accessible via the Self-Assessment Tool page, takes around 30 minutes.

At a second stage and depending on the results of the assessment tool, further analysis will be carried out by independent consultants. Finally, an independent awarding committee will meet to select, amongst the successful applicants that will be awarded with the Label, those who will get a special merit for their outstanding practice in CSR.

Recipient companies will then be invited to the awarding ceremony, an exclusive and very special event that will be held in Stockholm this year, where they will have the opportunity to exchange CSR best practices and will be awarded the label.

The label is valid for two years from the date when it is awarded and recipients are free to use it on all their communications, advertising and promotion tools throughout that period.

CEEP and its partners will support applicants and recipients in developing their expertise, improving their performance and exchanging knowledge on CSR issues with enterprises from all over Europe.