Assessment Centre

CEEP-CSR Label: what is it?

Since the creation of the label in 2008, we have noticed how essential it is for public service providers to be recognized for their activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. The CEEP-CSR Label aims to meet this need!
With the CEEP-CSR Label you will:

  • Raise the corporate image of your company;
  • Gain visibility and increase your chances in tendering procedures;
  • Show that your company does more than providing services, does it in a sustainable and environment-friendly way;
  • Learn to improve your company’s compliance with CSR principles;
  • Build a European network and exchange best practices;
  • Contribute to the increase of visibility of good practices of local public companies towards the European institutions.

For new applicants there are three steps to obtain the label:

  1. Online self-assessment

The self-assessment tool is an open and free instrument for every com­pany willing to know more about their compliance with CSR.

The online self-assessment tool will be available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

  1. Evaluation by external experts

After the green light in the self-assessment tool (70% or higher), companies will be asked to send proof and additional information for evaluation by independent external experts. Those companies that have already been awarded the label will follow a lighter procedure.

  1. Selection by the awarding committee

Based on the outcome of the evaluation by experts, an awarding committee decides which companies will be awarded the Label with merit.