You want to know what Corporate Social Responsibility means and if your company acts in this way?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an approach to sustainable development, whereby companies integrate economic, social and environmental concerns into their culture, strategy and actions, and into the interaction with their stakeholders, on a voluntary basis, beyond the legal rules.

In the context of the crisis, we need more than ever enterprises voluntarily committed to CSR.

The following dimensions build a framework for socially responsible behaviour of enterprises providing services of general interest: customers, staff (employees and managers), economic stakeholders (subcontractors, suppliers, partners and competitors), public authorities and other stakeholders (local & consumer associations etc.), and environment as an ecosystem are concerned by socially responsible behaviour.

You can test your enterprise with the following Quick Check. Examine the degree of Corporate Social Responsibility of your company and find out what are the deficits in comparison to other companies.

The following questionnaire is specially conceived for enterprises providing services of general interest.

The overall objective of the project is to promote CSR (including socially responsible investments, production and consumption) in enterprises providing services of general interest, by supporting these companies in taking into account CSR principles in their daily management choices, as well as developing expertise and exchange of information on sustainable economy on public services. This is expected to contribute to the enhancement of socially sustainable growth.

At the same time, SGI Europe intends to provide knowledge and improved practice to those targeted enterprises providing services of general interest on CSR principles and guidelines from the European Union, the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by disseminating and promoting a culture based on company ethics and by highlighting the most virtuous cases with its international Label. To start the process of the label, you can answer the questionnaire.

The preparation of this questionnaire followed the SGI Europe Guidelines on CSR (published in 2006) based on the SGI Europe European project Discerno, the forthcoming ISO 26000 and the AEI Standard Ethics EIEG methodology.

The time effort is about 30 minutes.

The following tables include different statements about CSR. Please choose the answers most suitable for the situation in your company. To get a valid result of the test, please answer the questions as completely and accurately as possible.

Within the test you have the opportunity to choose between 5 different possible answers.

In case you completely disagree with the statement, please choose the button number 2 that is named ‘completely incorrect’.In case you completely agree with the statement, please choose the button number 6 that is named ‘completely correct’.

When the statement is partly correct according to your companie’s situation, please choose the button number 4 that is named ‘partly correct’.

In case the statement does not apply completely to your company’s situation but more than partly, please choose button number 5 (‘rather correct’) that is located between ‘completely correct’ and ‘partly correct’.

When you think that the statement is not partly correct for your company’s situation but it is also not completely incorrect, please choose the button number 3 (‘rather incorrect’) that is located between ‘partly correct’ and ‘completely incorrect’.

If the question is not applicable to your company, please choose the button 1 on the left that is named ‘not applicable’.

This way to the CSR Label Survey [may take up to 45 sec to load]

For any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: stefan.enica@sgieurope.org

Your data will be handled strictly confidentially and will be reported as anonymous. Your personal test results will be shown only to you.