Summary for previous awarded applicants 2018



There is a special light procedure for companies that have already been awarded.  This procedure, detailed below, applies to companies that have been awarded in 2018 only.

  1. Evaluation by external experts. 

The methodology of the SGI Europe-CSR Label was updated in order to streamline the work and ensure the benchmarking of applying companies. Please provide the documents for evaluation in English, French or German. For other languages, please contact your contact point for the special conditions and potential translation costs.

The companies wishing to renew the Label for 2021 are asked to provide the following information:

A. Explanation of the latest changes in terms of CSR

Please explain, in a short document, the main changes in terms of CSR in your company since you have received the Label.

Please use Annex 5

B. Answer the benchmark questions

Applicants need to provide answers for four benchmark questions. The questions are related to SGI Europe’s priorities of 2021 and are listed below.
Please use Annex 3

SGI Europe’s priorities Question
Crisis management and resilient communities  Have your organisation/company put in place special management practices for continuing offering essential services during COVID-19 crisis? If yes, please give example(s) of your practices e.g. management of increased demand or supply shortages, financial administration, human resources management, etc.
Digital solutions with a human centred approach Have your organisation/company adopted digital solutions during the COVID-19 crisis? If yes, please give example(s) of your practices e.g. training schemes for telework, work-life balance measures, coping with digital skills’ generational gap, etc.
Engaging in the recovery actions Have your organisation/company developed or has ongoing infrastructure projects linked to post-COVID-19 economic and social recovery? If yes, please give example(s) of your contribution or projects, especially regarding the environmental and digital transitions, social and physical infrastructure, and overall resilience of essential services.
Disclosure of sustainability data Have your organisation/company put in place mechanisms to collect and disclose data regarding the environmental and social impact of your activity in accordance with any European or international standards? If yes, please give example(s) of the mechanisms and the disclosure practices.

C. Describe the CSR reputation of the company

Provide a short overview of your CSR related achievements or activities which are published in the news. This means that you provide us news topics (national and international) you were involved in and that influenced your reputation and image (good or bad). This is used as background information by the experts and awarding committee.
Please use Annex 4

  1. Selection by the awarding committee

Based on the result of the self-assessment and the result of the evaluation, the external experts inform the awarding committee about which companies will receive the Label.

The external experts produce an individual report with suggestions for improvement for each company.


The deadline to send the application for the participants awarded in the last edition who want to renew the label: 5 November 2021.

The deadline to take the online self-assessment tool of the SGI Europe-CSR label for participants applying for the first time: 5 November 2021.

The deadline to send further information for the external experts after taking the self-assessment tool for participants applying for the first time: 12 November 2021.

The Awarding Ceremony will be held in Paris, in February 2022.