The self-assessment test is completely free of charge.

The costs for application are related to the second stage of the process, and are listed below:

Awarded 2016 New in the process
Special price** For everyone
SMEs < 250 employees 1600€ 2600€ 3500€
Large 250–1000 employees 2600€ 3500€ 4500€
Very large >1000 employees 4600€ 5500€ 6500€

** Limited to CEEP members and members of CEEP National Sections.

Please note that the same evaluation process will take place between members of CEEP and non-members of CEEP.

A special simplified application process takes place for those that were awarded in 2018 and applying to renew their label for 2020.

To encourage the application of SMEs, CEEP launched a contest for 2020: the first SME to be awarded “with merit” by the Awarding Committee in October, will be reimbursed of its application fee up to 1600 euros!*

*Valid for both new applicants and previous awarded SMEs. Please note that for these latter, the total application fee will be reimbursed!